Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

Heroes’ Mile is a residential rehab created specifically for veterans by fellow veterans. 

At Heroes’ Mile Deland in Central Florida, we provide evidence-based, comprehensive addiction treatment for veterans that helps ease the transition into civilian life without the need to lean on substances. Our veteran substance abuse programs were developed by fellow veterans. Therefore, we are able to assist other military personnel in finding recovery through common ground. At our accredited addiction treatment facility, veteran’s rehab is never more than a phone call or email away.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

Veteran Substance Abuse

Military members are often exposed to stressors that are not experienced by the general public. Due to this, substance abuse disorders are common among military personnel. For example, prevalent addictions among veterans include alcohol use disorder and prescription drug abuse, such as opioids. Understandably, incidences of drug or alcohol abuse are higher among veterans who have experienced certain types of trauma, such as combat exposure

Rest assured at Heroe’s Mile Deland, our treatment team understands the unique environments service members have been exposed to. And as veterans and mental health professionals we can not only relate to your experiences, but we can assist in helping you live with them.

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First Steps After Admission

First, clients will meet with a specialist to create an individualized treatment program. Sometimes, medical detoxification is the first step before entering the residential rehab for veterans. Detox is necessary when the body has become physically dependent upon substances like drugs or alcohol. Generally, detox takes five to seven days. During this time, clients are under the 24/7 care of addiction specialists, physicians, and mental health counselors, all of whom help them navigate and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

When the timing is right, the client is moved into the residential program. If a client has already detoxed at another location and is in good physical health, they can come directly into our residential rehab for veterans.

A Residential Rehab for Veterans

In our program, we subscribe to a 12-step addiction treatment philosophy. Furthermore, our inpatient residential rehab for veterans is a safe place to build the foundation for a lasting recovery. For example, the length of the program will depend on the individual’s treatment plan.

During their time in residential rehab, veterans will receive 24/7 monitoring. Veterans will reside in our tranquil villa located in sunny Florida. They may also participate in a wide variety of treatment options that treat addiction issues and provide psychiatric care for PTS, MTS, and other military-related mental health issues. Treatment includes:

Various recreational activities

Job-ready preparation and training in conjunction with our community partners

Our staff members have a long history of working with veterans suffering from addiction, as well as the impacts of PTS and MST. At Heroes’ Mile, our clients receive the tools they need to prepare them for sobriety in their everyday lives.

It takes strength to ask for help. We’ve been there and will help veterans find recovery through common ground.

Post-Residential Treatment

The length of stay in our residential rehab for veterans depends on the client’s specific needs. We understand that recovery is a highly individualized process, and veterans with PTSD and substance abuse may need further care. Upon completion of the program, the next step is a partial hospitalization program (PHP), or an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Veteran Substance Abuse Treatment in Central Florida

Heroes’ Mile is a substance abuse treatment center designed for veterans experiencing problems with addiction and other psychological challenges related to their military service. Located in DeLand, FL, our rehab for veterans helps treat common issues faced by service members.

If you are a Veteran seeking treatment or would like to refer a Veteran to our program, please call one of our admissions specialists today at 888-838-6692.

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