Physical Fitness and Recovery in Veterans

There is a lot of emotional and mental work that goes into finding recovery from a substance use disorder, but the effort doesn’t stop there. Physical fitness and recovery go hand in hand, especially for veterans who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol on top of other mental health conditions. Heroes’ Mile works to provide the best physical fitness and recovery treatment plan for all of our veterans so that they can leave treatment feeling stronger than ever before.

What Is the Connection Between Physical Fitness and Recovery?

What Is the Connection Between Physical Fitness and Recovery

The road to recovery is never easy. In fact, studies show that a large majority of people who go into drug or alcohol rehab end up relapsing after their time in treatment ends. This leaves the question of why treatment doesn’t always work and what exactly is missing from most traditional treatment programs.

In truth, many treatment facilities primarily focus just on the addiction. While detoxing safely from drugs or alcohol is an essential part of the process, it doesn’t complete one’s journey to recovery. On the contrary, detoxing is only the beginning. From there, it’s more important than ever for people to find a balance between mental wellness, physical fitness, and recovery.

Studies show that there is a strong, positive connection between physical fitness and recovery for substance use disorders as well as co-occurring mental illnesses. One study shows that working on physical health at the same time as addiction treatment can greatly improve the chances of long-lasting recovery.

Another study indicates that people who engage in physical activity alongside treatment for depression are more likely to feel happier and have less impactful symptoms of this condition. This is true for other mental health conditions as well, as physical fitness can also significantly ease the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

Experts believe that the hormones that are released during intensive exercise can boost a person’s mood, increase motivation, and even help facilitate social connections. Not to mention that feeling good physically can help improve a person’s self-esteem. All of these factors go on to contribute to one’s ability to make a full recovery from a substance use disorder.

Of course, physical fitness should always be done in conjunction to other effective forms of therapeutic approaches to addiction recovery, including:

How Are Physical Activity and Recovery Improved for Veterans?

When it comes to veterans specifically, physical fitness and recovery have an even stronger connection. Many veterans who struggle with a substance use disorder have other challenges going on under the surface, such as:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Service injuries
  • Military sexual trauma

Being a service member is a proud honor and one that comes with a lot of trials. Not only can the physical demands leave scars, but the emotional and mental toll that goes with serving can be long-lasting. Therefore, substance abuse treatment for veterans should always be unique. This is why at Heroes’ Mile, we are a staff of veterans who truly understand the complexities of veteran-focused recovery—and why we specialize in physical fitness and recovery.

Our physical fitness and recovery program is made to help veterans find their footing in all aspects. Our philosophy is that every veteran only has one body, and we know just how strong this body can be when given the right level of care. Focusing on feeling good, improving strength, and finding balance can aid in the long-term recovery process, as it doesn’t just apply to physical movement.

What Forms of Exercise Do Veterans Practice in Addiction Recovery?

What Forms of Exercise Do Veterans Practice in Addiction Recovery

Veterans will work one-on-one with our on-site experts to come up with a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. We take your all of your symptoms, service history, and current physical abilities into consideration before jumping into an exercise regime. After looking at all of this, we come up with a routine that will get your heart pumping. In this way, we can help you improve both your physical fitness and your recovery progress.

Typically, the type of physical fitness that is most beneficial to veterans includes anaerobic exercises, which do not require the body to use oxygen the way that aerobic exercises do. Anaerobic exercises are about speed and short bursts of intensity. For your fitness and recovery program, these high intensity exercises might include squats, roundhouse kicks, and other fast movements.

Throughout the whole intensive exercise routine, a physical fitness expert and mentor will be by your side to make sure that you have the proper body positioning so that you are benefitting from the movements and protecting yourself from further harm. In addition to this, your physical fitness and recovery guide will be able to provide support as you work past any mental or emotional blocks that come up as well.

What Are the Next Steps for Veteran Addiction Rehabilitation?

At Heroes’ Mile, we believe that recovery for veterans is best maintained when it involves emotional, mental, and physical healing. To address this, we offer physical fitness and recovery services to all of our patients on top of our other programs.

Many veterans who are looking for addiction recovery aren’t sure where to start because they have experiences that other traditional rehabs can’t take into consideration. This is why, when we look at the whole picture of recovery, we aren’t just focusing on sobriety. We’re also looking at:

  • Mental wellness
  • Transitioning to civilian life
  • Job preparedness
  • Nutrition education
  • Recovery resources

Give us a call at 888-838-6692 or submit a confidential contact form for more information on physical fitness and recovery today. See where physical fitness and recovery can take you at Heroes’ Mile. Building strength in every sense of the word takes commitment, and we’re here to help you each step of the way.

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