For Veterans by Veterans

A drug rehab created for and staffed by military service members.

We’ve Got Your Six!

For service members, drug abuse is all too common. Some of the factors that contribute to veteran substance abuse include:

  • PTSD
  • Military sexual trauma (MST)
  • Serving in combat zones

For veterans with PTSD and other invisible wounds of war, drug abuse gives them an unhealthy way to cope. At Heroes’ Mile, we help veterans develop new, constructive coping skills that help them re-integrate into civilian life.

How Do Drug Rehabs for Veterans Help?

At Heroes’ Mile, we offer:

  • Drug Detox: 24/7, monitored care that helps veterans safely detox from drugs without the risk of relapse.
  • Group Therapy: Small, personal groups where veterans share their experiences both with serving and with substance abuse. This reminds service members that they are not alone in their experiences, and helps them identify unhealthy behavioral patterns.
  • Individual Therapy: Here, veterans discuss their histories and goals one-on-one with an experienced mental health professional. This environment is conducive to working through trauma and learning new, personalized coping skills.
  • PTSD Counseling: Personalized counseling where veterans discuss their military experiences in relation to their drug abuse. When civilian drug rehabs fail to address these concerns, veterans face an increased risk of relapsing.

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