Partial Hospitalization Program for Veterans

PHP supports veterans’ sobriety while that provides a structured level of support as the veteran’s transition into a more independent lifestyle.

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Discover a Partial Hospitalization Program for Veterans, by Veterans

We help you find recovery through common ground. Our unique approach to care includes comprehensive treatment and individualized treatment planning to ensure that we meet your unique needs. But is PHP right for you?

PHP is for clients who meet one of the following criteria:

Our PHP allows veterans to reintegrate into their lives with needed support. In order to participate in this level of care, clients need to have achieved a degree of stability in their lives.

Heroes’ Mile Partial Hospitalization Program

When a veteran enters our PHP program, they can expect to attend individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and family therapy sessions. Through all treatment modalities, our services are overseen by mental health professionals, addiction recovery experts, and/or physicians to ensure comprehensive care for the military personnel under our care.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual counseling sessions provide tailored treatment for every client. As veterans ourselves, we understand addiction issues that are unique to veterans. That’s why we employ evidence-based addiction recovery and mental health treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy.

During these sessions, clients and counselors work closely to develop and adjust treatment goals. This is also a time to cover any issues that have contributed to substance abuse in your life.

Group Therapy Sessions

Group counseling can sound intimidating. Yet, it is important to remember that each person comes into the group with their own fears and insecurities. All participants in group sessions are veterans, which helps to provide common ground to help you relate with others facing addiction and invisible wounds of war.

In addition, our group therapy sessions are confidential and supportive. They are orchestrated by addiction experts and mental health professionals, who guide conversations to help group members develop healthy coping skills. After treatment, clients use these skills in everyday life to keep them from relying on drugs and alcohol.

Family Therapy Sessions

Family therapy sessions are similar to group sessions, but with family members. They help to educate family members about addiction, the impact that it has on families, and how to support their loved one.

We provide veterans and their families with the tools they need to transition into a sober lifestyle. This requires the treatment of the person as a whole and incorporates their support system. By educating family members and helping to heal damaged relationships, we prepare clients for lifelong recovery.

Once a client has completed PHP, they have the option to move into our intensive outpatient program (IOP).

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Heroes’ Mile is a substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and military sexual trauma treatment center designed for military service veterans experiencing problems with addiction and other psychological challenges related to their military service, is located in DeLand, FL.

If you are a veteran or would like to refer a veteran to our program, please call an Admissions Specialist today at 888-838-6692.

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