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Heroin Rehab for Veterans: What to Expect

An addiction to heroin can have a devastating impact on one’s physical and mental health, but that does not mean recovery is impossible. With the guidance of a heroin rehab center, anyone can learn to manage their symptoms and regain functionality in their everyday...

Heroin Rehab for Veterans: What to Expect

How to Get Someone Into Drug Rehab

Watching a loved one struggle with an addiction is extremely painful. This is especially true when that someone is a veteran, since this population often needs specialized care in order to find recovery. If you know a veteran who needs help, you might be wondering...

how to get someone into drug rehab

Veteran Drug Rehab with Horses

When you think of evidence-based addiction treatment, a drug rehab with horses may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there is compelling evidence that equine-assisted therapy, also known as equine therapy or horse therapy, can do a lot of good in...

drug rehab with horses

Veterans Want to Know: What Is SUD?

More and more veterans are struggling with something called SUD. But what is SUD? And how is it impacting veterans? Here, we’ll address all of your questions related to SUD, including what it is, what it does to veterans, and, most importantly, how to get help for...

what is SUD?

5 Things You Need to Know for PTSD Awareness Month

This June is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, and that makes this the perfect time to share information about PTSD. Whether you're a veteran experiencing PTSD yourself, your loved one is a...

PTSD awareness month

Veteran Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Me

If you’ve found yourself up late at night, searching the Internet with phrases like "veteran drug and alcohol rehab near me,” you’re not alone. A vast number of veterans struggle with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Unfortunately, not all of...

drug and alcohol rehab near me

Drug Rehab Effectiveness Statistics for Veterans

Substance use disorder is a widespread issue across the United States, but few feel its impact more strongly than veterans. When it’s time to get help, it’s important to research rehab centers and types of treatment to make sure you can make the best, most informed...

Drug Rehab Effectiveness for Veterans

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment for Veterans

An amphetamine addiction can be extremely detrimental to veterans’ physical, emotional, and mental health. Sadly, many veterans aren’t sure how to break the cycle of amphetamine abuse. The truth is that getting the right amphetamine addiction treatment in a...

amphetamine addiction treatment
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