Military Veteran Substance Help

For individuals suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or dual diagnosis, there are treatment programs available with incomparable quality and deep-rooted success rates. Military Veteran substance help allows every patient to receive dual diagnose treatment programmed to address mental health diagnoses and substance abuse. 

Military Veteran Substance Help

What Are the Levels of Treatment and Therapies Offered?

Addiction Healing Care

Substance detox is the first phase in addiction rehabilitation, in which the body discourages itself off of the intoxicant. In most cases, an inpatient or residential rehab facility provides a safe and supervised medical detox for alcohol and drug users. These types of institutions involve individuals who need continuous substance misuse treatment. 

Level 3 – Most patients are placed under full-time medical and therapeutic monitoring treatments that are carefully planned and organized by experts. Those who receive medication-assisted and professionally supervised detoxification are less likely to experience negative health consequences as a result of their intense withdrawal symptoms. 

Different types of substance abuse treatment plans exist on a care level scale. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) treatment scale levels treatments from strongest to weakest. Detoxification and inpatient treatment of individuals are considered to be at the top level of this scale.  

Level 2 – The next level of treatment includes partial hospitalization program and outpatient intensive care. A Level 2 substance abuse treatment program grants patients to live at home and join the outside society. However, both program and intensive care treatment require a significant amount of processing.  

Outpatient intensive care requires several weeks of night treatment sessions, while the partial hospitalization program requires several days a week back and forth from the hospital. Nonetheless, both treatments are often done at substance abuse treatment centers. 

Level 1 – This level is an outpatient rehab treatment plan. These programs provide the patient with the most social flexibility possible. Instead of going to therapy every night, it allows them to go once a week or perhaps every other week. 

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Therapies Offered

Addiction recovery therapy programs provided by every treatment facility are an essential part of the recovery process. Therapy restores the mind in the same way as detox cleanses the body. Every standard of treatment includes therapy, which is divided into holistic and evidence-based approaches. 

Positive experiences, such as outdoor activities, art, and massage, are used in holistic ways to process stress and moods. More so, evidence-based therapy is more equivalent to standard mental therapy. 

Other therapies offered by treatment centers are: 

  • Eye movement desensitization reprocessing 
  • Gestalt therapy 
  • Moral recognition therapy 
  • Relative emotive therapy 
  • Cognitive processing therapy 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 

Advantages of Substance Abuse Treatment

For Veterans who undergo treatment, they often report a variety of emotional benefits such as reduced stress, increased confidence, relationship-building skills, and improved ability to trust others. Mental and physical strength are likewise regained. They will experience better cardiovascular function, more stamina, increased range of motion, and enhanced stability. 

Most individuals who come to rehabilitation centers have lost control. By getting them into a routine and allowing them to fulfill obligations again, we can equip them with the skills to significantly enhance their quality of life after leaving treatment. 

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Getting substance help is not something you should shy away from. It may be challenging but it’ll get better at some point. For more information on the different rehab treatments, contact Heroes’ Mile online! 

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