Can you drink on chemo?

Some chemotherapy medications can have negative interactions with alcohol. It’s best to ask your doctor about your specific situation and whether it’s safe to drink alcohol during your treatment.

How does alcohol cause cancer?

Our bodies turn the ethanol in alcohol into a harmful substance called acetaldehyde. This chemical damages the DNA inside our cells and causes them to repair themselves incorrectly—which leads to cancer.

Does wine cause cancer?

Most studies have found that it’s the ethanol in alcohol that leads to cancer, not the type of drink. A glass of wine contains the same amount of ethanol as a shot of liquor; of course, a drink with more than a standard serving size of liquor will contain more ethanol...

Is alcohol a carcinogen?

Yes, alcohol is a human carcinogen. Even moderate drinking has been shown to increase an individual’s risk for several different types of cancer.
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