When detoxing from drugs or alcohol, going cold turkey can be difficult. The prospect of going through detox is typically one of the most dissuasive factors in seeking treatment for addiction.

This is why medical detox treatments offered by a Veteran drug rehab in Florida are frequently the most widely used approach for Veterans. So, how long does it take to detox? Because so many aspects are involved, this subject can only be answered in broad terms.    

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Factors that Affect the Length of Detox

You may follow a broad timetable to acquire an anticipated detox time but bear in mind that this is the physical detox phase, and psychological detox can take considerably longer.

Types of Substance and Their Timeline

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Many people do not have severe withdrawal symptoms, and those who do are over it in a maximum of three days.

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Marijuana usage causes only a few physical withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, restlessness, and a loss of appetite will most likely continue for around a week or until your body produces its organic THC.   


Symptoms might appear within 24 hours and peak on days two or three. In approximately a week, the worst of the physical symptoms will be gone.


You may develop anxiety within hours after quitting. The symptoms usually peak after two days, although some people experience a delayed start and don’t experience the worst withdrawal symptoms for over a week.   


For stimulants, this includes methamphetamine and cocaine. Lack of energy and mood swings will be the most common withdrawal effects. You may continue experiencing these symptoms, as well as occasional psychotic episodes, after a week. The psychological effects of this drug class are the most severe and can last for months.


Symptoms can appear in as little as a few hours. In the first five to seven days, we’ll see your symptoms peak, but you may have stomach issues for up to two weeks after you start detoxing.

The detoxification process differs based on several variables: 

  • Your emotional and physical well-being   
  • Assistance with medication   
  • Substance classification   
  • Whether you ingested various substances   
  • Quantity of drug consumed on a regular basis   
  • The amount of time you’ve been abusing

What Happens After You Detox from Drugs and Alcohol?

Veterans enter a residential rehabilitation program after detox. Each client is assessed individually before being placed in the residential program at the appropriate time.

Inpatient residential therapy offers veterans a secure environment in which to lay the groundwork for long-term rehabilitation. As a result, the duration of the program will be determined by the individual’s treatment plan. Clients will be monitored around the clock and attend addiction recovery therapy throughout this period.  

  Rehab Facility texas veteran

Drug and Alcohol Detox Program at Veteran Drug Rehab in Florida

If you or a loved one has reached the point where addiction treatment is advancing, don’t hesitate to contact us at Heroes’ Mile. We’ll be more than delighted to accompany you in determining your path to success. 

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