For Veterans by Veterans

A drug rehab created for and staffed by military service members.

We’ve Got Your Six!

Every year, countless service members cannot access an alcohol rehab for veterans. And that’s a problem, because veterans are at a higher risk of developing alcohol addiction due to issues like:

  • PTSD
  • Military sexual trauma (MST)
  • Serving in combat zones

For veterans with PTSD and other forms of military-related trauma, alcohol abuse gives them an unhealthy way to cope. At Heroes’ Mile, we help veterans develop new, healthier coping mechanisms that help them re-integrate into civilian life.

How Do Drug Rehabs for Veterans Help?

At Heroes’ Mile, we offer:

  • Alcohol Detox: 24/7, monitored care that helps veterans safely detox from drugs and keeps them away from alcohol during this vulnerable period.
  • Group Therapy: Small, personal groups where veterans bond over shared experiences with military service and alcohol abuse. This reminds service members that they are not alone in their experiences, and helps them identify common behaviors of addiction.
  • Individual Therapy: Here, veterans discuss their personal histories one-on-one with an experienced mental health professional. This comfortable, personal environment is conducive to working through military trauma and alcohol abuse.
  • PTSD Counseling: Compassionate counseling where veterans discuss their military experiences in relation to their alcohol abuse. When conventional alcohol rehabs treat veterans with alcohol addiction, service members are more likely to relapse.

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