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Serving your nation may require you to give your life. Many warriors throughout the world pursue this career. Serving means putting your life on the line; survivors, on the other hand, may have to live with the trauma they experienced in combat zones for the rest of their lives.   

Some veterans have successfully overcome this trauma at a Veteran Addiction Center in Las Vegas. Others have suffered alone, and some have even met death, not the type one has witnessed in combat. It may appear impossible to surpass, yet addiction can be resisted and efficiently cured no matter how challenging the situation is.  

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The Link Between Combat Veterans and Addiction

Traumatic Events and Emotional Responses

Following a stressful occurrence, it’s natural to endure traumatic stress. Many people who have served in the US military have struggled with addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol.   

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among veterans who have served in combat operations. This condition frequently results in depression.   

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to momentarily better their circumstances, but this is not a long-term solution. Traumatic situations frequently induce drug and alcohol usage, which can only lead to addiction.  

Signs and Symptoms of Traumatic Stress

The following are physical signs and symptoms:   

Aches and Pains That Don’t Seem to Be Going Away:

  • Headaches   
  • Sexual function changes   

Appetite Loss or Gain as a Result Of:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption   
  • Drugs  
  • Nicotine   

Changes in Sleeping Pattern:

  • Insomnia   
  • Nightmares   
  • Sudden intense flashbacks  

Intense Sensations:

  • Trembling   
  • Shaking   
  • Cold sweats  
  • Feeling like you’ve got a lump in your throat   
  • Difficulty of breathing  
  • Breathing quickly   
  • Heart thumping   
  • Breathing problems   
  • Chest pains  
  • Feeling light-headed  
  • Stomach-churning  
  • Sweating excessively   
  • Sweaty palms   
  • Racing thoughts  
  • Restlessness   
  • Concentration problems   
  • Issues with memory   
  • Confusion  

The following are emotional or mental signs and symptoms of traumatic stress:  

Guilt: You feel guilty that you lived when others died or that you wished you had done more to help.   

Shame: This happens especially when it comes to sentiments or worries that you don’t have control over.   

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Shock and disbelief: You’re having trouble understanding the truth of what happened, or you’re feeling numb and detached from your emotions.   

Fear: You’re afraid that it’ll happen again or that you’ll lose control or collapse.   

Helplessness: What you’ve witnessed leaves you feeling vulnerable and helpless, and they might even provoke anxiety or melancholy.  

Anger: You may be prone to emotional outbursts or be furious with yourself, governments, or anyone you believe are to blame.   

Grief or sadness: If someone you know died or had a life-altering event happen to them.  

Addiction Treatment for Veterans  

When substance abuse becomes a compulsive response to distress, it can leave people feeling powerless and afraid. In the long term, addiction can exacerbate emotional anguish and negatively influence your well-being, relationships, and other aspects of your life. If you are a veteran in need of addiction treatment, Heroes’ Mile offers Veteran inpatient and outpatient recovery programs.  

woman needing help from Veteran Addiction Center Las Vegas

Get Help at Veteran Addiction Center in Las Vegas

If you are a Veteran struggling with addiction, it’s crucial to seek help. Keep in mind that if you don’t, you may be causing harm to yourself and the people around you. To learn more about your possibilities, get in touch with a Heroes’ Mile representative. It’s never too late to get treatment and reclaim control of your life.  

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