Intensive Outpatient Program for Veterans

The Heroes’ Mile facility in St. Cloud, Florida was created for veterans by veterans. We help you find recovery through common ground. The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Heroes’ Mile is a non-residential program. Our clients come on-site 1-2 hours per day. IOP allows veterans to return to work while continuing treatment. Generally, morning or evening sessions are available. Additionally, you are encouraged to work a 12-step program.

The intensive outpatient program is available for clients who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Veterans who have completed a detoxification or residential program, and are in need of more support.
  • Veterans who are in need of support, but do not need medical detoxification or residential support.

Rebuild Your Personal Life

The IOP program helps you to rebuild your personal life. It allows you to transition back into your community while providing therapeutic support. In addition, IOP builds the foundation for a lasting recovery.

Group therapy sessions are at the core of IOP’s. They cover any of the following veteran-specific issues:

  • Intensive relapse prevention
  • Spiritual healing and awareness
  • Aftercare planning and transition
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTS)
  • Military sexual trauma (MST)

We have a long history of helping clients navigate veteran-specific issues. Likewise, we are here to help you recover and transition back into your daily life.

While attending IOP, you can live at home and go to work. This non-residential program allows you more control as you work to rebuild your personal life. It provides you with the clinical, emotional, and peer support that you need.

Intensive Outpatient Program or Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment provides the highest level of care and separates clients from access to drugs or alcohol. However, some people have family or work commitments that don’t allow them to enter into residential care. For these people, our partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program is a good option.

IOP provides intensive treatment while allowing clients to live at home when they cannot leave their lives behind.

Ideal candidates for IOP need to have a safe home environment. This means that other household members should not be using any addictive substances. Additionally, household members should be supportive of the veteran’s recovery.

IOPs are not typically recommended for those who have severe addiction or co-occurring disorders. Generally, residential treatment is recommended in those cases.

We Can Help You

Heroes’ Mile, a Substance Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress and Military Sexual Trauma program designed for Military Service Veterans experiencing problems with addiction and other psychological challenges related to their military service, is located in DeLand, FL.

If you are a Veteran or would like to refer a Veteran to our program, please call an Admissions Specialist today at 888-838-6692.

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