cocaine overdose symptoms

Cocaine Overdose Symptoms: Protecting At-Risk Veterans

Cocaine overdoses are on the rise in Florida. In fact, research shows that one in five fatal overdoses are related to cocaine use. Thus, it’s important to recognize cocaine overdose symptoms so that you can get help before it is too late. Today, we will take a look at cocaine overdose symptoms as well as...
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Tina drug effects

Tina Drug: Crystal Meth Abuse in Veterans

You might have heard reference to a “tina” drug, but does that mean? Tina is a street name for crystal meth, which is part of the amphetamine family of stimulant drugs. And according to a 2018 survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA), 120,000 veterans reported using methamphetamines in the previous...
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What is krokodil

What Is Krokodil? Veteran Opioid Abuse

More and more veterans are facing the risks of using an addictive drug known as krokodil. But what is krokodil, and how is it impacting veterans? Below, we’ll examine the known uses of krokodil, the risk factors for veterans who use this drug, and your options for getting treatment for opioid addiction today. Veteran Use...
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signs of addiction

Signs of Addiction: Spotting Veteran Substance Use Disorders

There are various signs of addiction, but they can vary depending on the substance, lifestyle factors, and the mental health of the individual. For example, veterans may display different symptoms of addiction than civilians, even if they share the same addiction. For this reason, it’s important that veterans have their own resource for spotting the...
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stages of addiction

Understanding the 5 Stages of Addiction for Veterans

Addiction is a challenging disorder that threatens the lives of veterans each and every day in the United States. To better know how to combat the symptoms of this disorder, one must first understand the five stages of addiction for veterans. Here, we cover all of the stages of addiction in order to help veterans...
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phases of drug dependence

What Are the Stages of Recovery for Veterans?

The substance abuse recovery process looks different for everybody who goes through it, but this is especially true for veterans, who often struggle with co-occurring mental health conditions on top of addiction. So what exactly are the stages of recovery for veterans? Below, we’ll detail all of the stages of recovery for veterans to demonstrate...
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PTSD awareness month

5 Things You Need to Know for PTSD Awareness Month

This June is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs‘ (VA) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, and that makes this the perfect time to share information about PTSD. Whether you’re a veteran living with PTSD yourself, your loved one is a service member with post-traumatic stress, or you just want to support people dealing...
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painkiller addiction

Painkiller Addiction: More Opioids for COVID Long Haulers

For many people with COVID-19, the recovery process was very simple and took only a few weeks. But for others, side effects of COVID-19 persist. Known as COVID long haulers, these individuals can experience symptoms and side effects of COVID-19 long after their body has stopped fighting the virus. And in some contexts, this can...
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GABA and alcohol

What Is the Connection Between PTSD, GABA, and Alcohol?

Experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in addition to an alcohol addiction is a common occurrence for veterans. What many people don’t know is that there are ways to prevent PTSD symptoms from getting worse.  If you are looking to heal from PTSD and addiction, the trick is to learn about the relationship between the an...
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alcohol vitamin deficiency

Alcohol Vitamin Deficiency in Veterans: Recovery in DeLand, Florida

It’s no secret that many people feel sick after drinking alcohol, but there might be more to that sick feeling after drinking. In cases where people drink large amounts over a long period of time, alcohol vitamin deficiency can appear. And that’s a problem, both because it creates a host of health issues, and because...
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