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Have you ever heard of the term “sober curious”? Elective sobriety, commonly known as sober curiosity, is a new growing trend in alcohol use that you may have heard about. This movement includes people who choose to not misuse alcohol for personal or wellness reasons. The state of being sober curious may also be helpful when you’re aiming for a full-time or long-term commitment and for those who undergo veteran addiction recovery.  

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Every Little Thing You Need to Know About Sober Curiosity

Who Is Sober Curious?

“Sober curious” is a term used to describe people who do not identify as addicts but decide to experiment with sobriety to see what changes it can bring to their health or lifestyles. 

They are choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol to see what kinds of positive effects sobriety can have on their lives, not necessarily because they have a clinical drinking problem or for religious reasons.

Although women make up a large portion of the sober curious movement, it is not entirely for women. A lot of groups and organizations have sprung up in response to the action.

They allow people who are experimenting with sobriety to have the social contacts that they formerly had that were based around alcohol since it plays a huge role in many social gatherings. People can also talk about what sobriety has done for them and the changes they’ve noticed in their health and life in these groups. 

Their Reasons

Those who recognize that there are various harmful negative consequences of alcohol use are choosing to forego alcohol with it in order to live a healthier lifestyle as society becomes more inclined to wellness and overall health.

Even if alcohol use is not excessive, it can still have adverse health implications such as increased injury risk, weight gain, the possibility of developing alcohol dependence, and memory issues.

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Another contributing factor to the rise in sober curiosity is the vast number of people who consume liquor or those who always binge drink but are not clinically classified as alcoholics. These people may experience hangovers, impaired functioning, or life disruptions due to their alcohol consumption.

Some people notice they would be better off without alcohol and want to try out the sober lifestyle. 


Sober curiosity can lead to several advantages. The first and most well-known benefit is the improved quality of life it brings. This includes better memory, particularly memories of social gatherings with pals. Sobriety also aids in avoiding potentially humiliating circumstances that can arise when drinking.

By lowering the time spent recuperating from alcohol use and the hangover that may occur following a night of drinking, refraining from alcohol consumption allows these people to have more time in their lives. People who choose to join the sober curious movement often report feeling more focused and able to live their lives the way they want it to be. 

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Looking for a Veteran Addiction Recovery Center?

Joining the sober curious movement after you’ve completed the veteran addiction recovery program can also be good for you. You’ll enjoy a lot of benefits such as enhanced memory, weight loss, and other health benefits. Reach out to us to know more about the services we offer at Heroes’ Mile!

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